Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things I am eating to get back into shape

Great food sometimes happens by accident.
  This meal was simple and super-tasty.  Zucchini slices, salad from Romaine lettuce and a grilled chicken breast cutlet with red and green peppers grilled on top of the breast.  Add a little oregano and some special seasoning and you have all the makings of a satisfying meal.  My kids loved it.  They continue to ask for it for days after we've had this meal.

Yes, Virginia, that is actual French Toast.  Can you believe it can be made healthy?  Fast, easy and nutritious.  What did I do to deserve such luxury while losing weight?  As pretty as the strawberries look, I do prefer mine with maple syrup and have it that way.  My wife and kids enjoy the strawberries.  They do look pretty but there is something wrong with having French toast without maple syrup.  The secret to making it healthy is using pumpkin puree.  Unbelievably easy and it tastes just as evil as the regular recipe.


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